Quality Over Quantity – Why a Thorough Screening Process Matters in a Staffing Firm

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Quality Over Quantity – Why a Thorough Screening Process Matters in a Staffing Firm

A.C.Coy screens each candidate through 3 layers of internal screening before the TOP 3 are chosen to be presented to our clients.

If your staffing firm is focused on quantity over quality, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money on unqualified talent that just isn’t a fit for your culture or the job. Most companies probably have experienced this problem; having a full candidate funnel doesn’t matter if the candidates aren’t the right fit. But some staffing agencies think that flooding you with candidates will impress you, and; maybe that’s what you want. But quality always matters, even if you’re trying to bring on a high volume of candidates quickly.

This article will look closely at why quality is so important to the talent acquisition process and how A.C.Coy Company’s candidate screening process is different and more effective than our competitors.

Why Candidate Quality Matters

Most clients track the time to hire metric as a key performance indicator (KPI). If you’re busy screening candidates that consistently aren’t a fit, how do you think that will affect your time to hire goals?

Making sure that no candidates go through to clients that don’t meet rigorous quality standards is critical to ensuring your success. What metrics does A.C.Coy use to ensure that the candidates we send are worth your time and attention?

  • We get to understand your company, your goals, the culture, and the job itself to understand what you need in a high-quality job candidate.
  • Then we help you create the best job description possible that reflects the role accurately and the company culture.
  • Next, we connect you to candidates from the best sources. The best sources equal the best hires.
  • We also put candidates through three layers of internal screening before we find you the top three to go to your hiring team.

Our goal is not quantity, but quality. Our mission is to make your hiring process as efficient and effective as possible by creating an efficient and thorough hiring process. It helps that the A.C.Coy Company has decades of experience to help understand the needs of our clients and the qualifications of potential job seekers.

We know the recruiting and hiring process can be disruptive to the business workflows. Most companies leverage senior managers as part o the interview process. The last thing we should do is take them away from important operational tasks to waste an hour on a candidate that just isn’t the perfect fit. The A.C.Coy Company works hard to hone down the candidates so that you only meet the best applicants in a very cost and time-efficient process.

Talk to our team

The bottom line is that the goals of our recruiting efforts are the same as your goals. We believe that good quality candidates start with a high-quality recruiting process. It sets us apart from all other staffing agencies that simply focus too strongly on speed and not quality, which is really the wrong approach to meet your needs. Talk to our team to find out how we’re different and why organizations like Carnegie Mellon University, GNC, Westinghouse, KraftHeinz, and many more trust us with their candidate searches.