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Experience Matters – We Have It

Many of A.C.Coy’s team members have been with them for over 10 years. This experience equals expertise and brings value to your staffing partnership. Choosing the right staffing agency is a critical decision as there could be multiple firms in your market. What sets one staffing firm apart from another?

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Career Spotlight: Supply Chain Analyst

Supply chains are often complex with a variety of moving parts that transition products into a manufacturing or production process. Each supply chain has transportation routes for raw materials from vendors that the manufacturer uses to create the final product. This process can be rocky, plagued by delays, miscommunication, or

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How to Ensure a New Hire’s Success in the First 3 Months

The numbers are well documented: Failing to retain a new hire costs companies a considerable amount of money. Hiring the wrong people who fail to achieve success is equally costly. If your goal is to hire well and retain the employee long-term then there are a few things you need

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Know Your Market: The Importance of Local Expertise When Hiring

You’ve heard the idea of “buy local,” perhaps during the holiday season. Most people are familiar with the term. But the idea of looking for a local resource is a good one. Buying locally produced food means your food is probably fresher and perhaps lower cost. Supporting local small businesses

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Soft Skills IT Job Seekers Should Highlight in Their Resume

Hard skills are the technologies you learn and the credentials you earn. But it’s the soft skills that IT job seekers need more of in the technology jobs of the future. Depending on the job title, you may need leadership or writing skills, patience, or the ability to present to

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