Staying Connected – The A.C.Coy Difference

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Staying Connected – The A.C.Coy Difference

We don’t just place our candidates and run. A.C.Coy is committed to staying in constant communication with our clients and candidates. This post will examine why constant communication is key to the success of our clients and our candidates.

At A.C.Coy, we know you have many choices of qualified staffing agencies to help your company succeed. We’re used to competing against other firms—we’ve been in this business for decades, unlike many of the young upstarts knocking on your door. We know a thing or three about staffing and we’re proud of our work with some of the leading companies in the United States.

One of the things we’ve learned over time is that the one critical thing most agencies miss the boat on is communication. Here’s why staying connected with candidates and our clients is one of the differentiators of our business.

The Importance of Candidate Communication

Establishing a strong relationship with our candidates is an important part of the services we offer our clients. Our proactive efforts to source top talent never slows down; we know that even the best relationships can atrophy over time. Communication is key to finding out important information on candidates that they may not normally share. That helps us hone our candidate pool into a top talent A-list that you just don’t see from other staffing agencies.

Regular communication builds trust between the recruiter and their candidate. Without it, the best candidates are vulnerable to encroachment from other staffing firms. When communication is regular and reliable, candidates place their trust in the recruiting relationship. As the lines of communication open, candidates share valuable details about their goals, wants, needs, and priorities, which will help us find the best match for your organization’s culture and job description.

The Importance of Client Communication

After decades in the business, we know there’s one thing we can count on in the HR field; things evolve. Staying in constant communication with our clients helps us stay abreast of any changes that occur. This is a partnership where we become the sourcing and recruiting arm of your existing HR team. It’s what helps us stay ahead of all the other staffing firms out there and a big reason for our long-term success in a field that is highly competitive. There is nothing more frustrating for your HR team than having a staffing agency that fails to check-in regularly. This is particularly important when the hiring market remains volatile.

But clear communication begins at the contracting process. Providing you with the information upfront on our pricing and fees ensures there are no hidden surprises later on. Then backing up our commitment to serving your organization with regular updates on our progress. The fact that we deliver bad news transparently and as quickly as good news is a guarantee that your company will understand our efforts to serve you day in and day out.

Find Top Talent

A.C.Coy is a top talent finder in the nation. Communication remains a key component of our work and the reason so many companies choose us to help them find qualified talent. Transparent communication is a hallmark of our efforts to serve clients. Clear communication with our clients helps clarify the decision-making process for your staffing strategies. Our job is to provide you with clear cut pricing, contracting, and transparency in our efforts to find you the right candidates. Our ROI is clear. When you’re ready to find top talent, find out why we are different.