Leveraging Local Market Experts 

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Leveraging Local Market Experts 

Most of us hear the phrase “buy local” to encourage us to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses. The idea is to support local talent and the local economy by keeping your money within your neighborhood. 

Have you considered “buying local” when it comes to selecting recruiting help for your business? What does it mean to leverage local market experts when you’re trying to attract the best candidates?  

Why Understanding the Market Matters in Recruiting? 

Using a local recruiting firm is a no-brainer. Working closely with a recruiting team that lives and works in the same city as your business will give them high-level insight into what is happening in the market. No matter the size of the local recruiting firm, there is market insight gleaned by just living in the same place as their client. Recruiters know the market because they live in it. You’ll see them at local events, and they often put money back into the region. Local recruiters are the subject matter experts for the area—and it shows in better candidates and faster time to hire.  

Often, if you choose a local option, you may end up with a small “mom-and-pop” recruiting firm that, frankly, will not have the resources of a national firm. Professional recruiting firms like A.C.Coy are not only able to compete at a national level, they also retain the local market knowledge of smaller firms in the local market. The difference is these smaller firms simply do not have the kinds of resources that a larger firm does. If you can find a local firm with a national presence, you can also benefit from out of town or out of state talent that is seeking to move into the area and bring along their skills. 

Can you split the difference between having a local recruiting firm and one that has a national presence? Can a national recruiting firm also be familiar with local markets where the company isn’t located? The answer, of course, is yes. However, it is important to screen the recruiting firm to find out who they’ve worked with in your area and what they know.  

Screening your potential recruiting partner is just as important as thoroughly vetting each candidate for the job. Look for firms that specialize in particular areas and that have years of hands-on experience in your market. Not only will a specialized agency know the right questions to ask candidates, they understand the city they’re working in and the issues affecting local businesses. 

A.C.Coy combines the best of all possible scenarios for a recruiting partner.

Consider our difference: 

  • We’ve been family-owned since 1986 but are not considered “mom-and-pop” when it comes to our resources and skills. 
  • Our staff has more than 200 years of combined market-specific industry expertise. 
  • We work with some of the biggest brands in the U.S.

Talk with A.C.Coy about our credentials. We offer local talent and local market expertise to help meet your hiring goals.