Not a Resume Shop – 3 Ways a Staffing Firm Can Deliver Top Tier Candidates 

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Not a Resume Shop – 3 Ways a Staffing Firm Can Deliver Top Tier Candidates 

A decade ago, the recruiter’s job was simply to screen resumes. The job has certainly evolved since then! Markets are much more competitive today, so finding candidates isn’t nearly as simple as placing an ad and going through resumes. This is particularly true in the IT field, where some technical roles require the ability to find a needle in a haystack. 

How do the best recruiting firms go beyond being just a resume shop? Here are three ways a staffing firm can work diligently to find you the top tier candidates you’ve been searching for. 

1. Building Recruiting Relationships is a Full-Time Job 

The best candidates come from networking. Every hiring team knows it, but few hiring teams put in the hours of work it takes to consistently build a network. That’s why staffing firms can come up with great candidates even when your funnel has run dry. Building recruiting relationships takes an enormous amount of work, but when unemployment is low, this work pays off tremendously in passive candidates. The passive candidate is those that have yet to put their resume on the market but aren’t particularly happy in their current role. Firms like A.C.Coy have built up these relationships for decades, and it’s another way we’re much more than just a resume shop. 

2. Make Recruiting More Efficient 

Sourcing candidates is a massive undertaking. Finding the right talent takes time, and that’s something that many HR teams simply don’t have. So, they open an ad and wait for resumes to come in, which may or may not find them the best talent. A staffing firm like A.C.Coy takes a proactive approach by reaching out to candidates in ways that entice their interest in your company and the opportunities you offer. It’s like having an extra set of eyes and ears in the market that can double or even triple the efficiency of your existing recruiting efforts. The bottom line? Better candidates, faster time to hire, and a more efficient recruiting process. 

3. Top of the Line Technology to Aid the Search Process 

The candidate search process had grown increasingly sophisticated. Not only do HR teams lack time to conduct proactive and thorough searches for the best candidates, they often lack the technology tools to get the job done. 

The best staffing firms have sophisticated candidate data search tools and applicant tracking systems that automate many of the manual processes many HR teams still struggle with. An ATS can help locate candidate records quickly and securely store candidate data so you comply with all regulatory rules. Candidate screening, such as coding tests and background checks, can all stem from one portal within one candidate file. These tools often sync with social collaboration tools that can help you further the reach of your job descriptions to ensure that the net is cast far and wide in search of the best potential employees. 

A.C.Coy offers all of these tools and more.

We are a local company with a national reach; one look at our client portfolio shows you the kinds of companies that trust us to be more than just a resume shop. Talk to us today to find out where and how we can add value to your hiring process.