A Triple Win For Your Business

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A Triple Win For Your Business

The staffing industry has a bright outlook in 2021, particularly in those hard-to-fill jobs such as technology or engineering. While staffing firms saw a slight decline in overall business in 2020, staffing industry analysts project 12% industry growth next year. This means we’ll likely see an influx of new staffing agencies crop up, trying to take advantage of an increasing desire by employers to partner with these firms to find talent. With all the staffing firms on the market today, how can a company like A.C.Coy win over clients when the industry is filled with competitors? We have a three-fold triple-win approach that sets us apart.

What is the Triple Win?

A.C.Coy works hard on behalf of clients, candidates, and our company. We call that our “triple win,” a strategy that creates success for everyone involved in the sourcing, interviewing, and hiring process. In our experience, this approach sets us apart from everyone else in the marketplace. But what characteristics carve us out as the industry’s best? What do clients want from a staffing firm?

Extensive networks show our clients we have the depth to go beyond LinkedIn trolling for candidates. Instead, we operate by creating deep and wide networks of existing candidates that we’ve worked with for years. Going beyond the average recruiting effort wins for the client, candidate, and our company.

Transparency is imperative in our business for everyone involved. This means our clients know we earn every penny of our fees. Candidates trust us to represent them accurately to the client. We get to know our client’s culture and what the candidate wants so that the matches are stronger and longer-lasting.

Industry understanding and specialization is critical to staffing in heavily technical fields such as IT, engineering, finance and accounting, and sales. A.C.Coy spent years immersing ourselves into these fields so that recruiters understand the job requirement. This makes for a more efficient and accurate candidate sourcing process.

A.C.Coy finds a balance between the interests of the candidate, the client that hires us, and our firm. There is a way to look out for the long-term interests of the client by placing the right candidate in the interview process. Unlike many firms that flail away at the interview process, we hone our candidate reviews to find our top three picks to move forward to meet you. It’s a careful process that seeks to avoid the wasted time that the average recruiting firm spends sourcing candidates.

A.C.Coy believes in the power of pleasing our clients, candidates, and our bottom line. This careful approach is a triple win for everyone involved.

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If you’re a candidate looking for employment or a client seeking New Year staffing partnerships, it’s time to reach out to A.C.Coy to find out how we’re different—and how we can help.

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