New Opportunities for a New World – Four A.C.Coy Specialties To Help Meet Your Digital Transformation

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New Opportunities for a New World – Four A.C.Coy Specialties To Help Meet Your Digital Transformation

To say that the world is rapidly changing is so much of an understatement today that it barely warrants repeating. Whether it’s social distance regulations or adapting to remote work, any company looking to both survive and thrive during an ever-changing climate must be both agile as well as forward-thinking. Perhaps no other area of adaptation is as crucial for today’s successful business as that of Digital Transformation.

Technically defined, Digital Transformation is simply “the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.” In other words, a new way of doing business. Perhaps your company is looking to adopt some of these practices and technology to improve your e-commerce presence. Or perhaps you are new to the concept and simply need a push in the right direction. Without a doubt, the professionals at A.C.Coy are ready to assist you with your company’s Digital Transformation. Here are some of our specialties.

Accounting and Finance

One of the industries most impacted by the rise of technology has been that of accounting and finance. While many of the more mundane and tedious tasks of number crunching and audits have become more automated in recent years, the modern accountant find themselves in a more critical thinking role. Armed with business acumen and proficiency in strategy, the automation of accounting frees up financial professionals to focus their experience on strategic decisions and exceptions. High-quality accounting and finance professionals like these are just the type of candidates offered by A.C.Coy.


eCommerce offers incredible potential for growth. In 2021, estimates predict that 2.14 billion people will purchase goods and services online. Likely, your company has already adopted some online business practices. However, in order to remain competitive, your company will likely need to increase its eCommerce presence to stay ahead of the curve. In addition to company roles, including web development, operations, and logistics, your team will need proficient IT technicians to utilize infrastructure, maintain inventory communication, and monitor data storage as well as security. As automation increases, so does the need for highly skilled IT technicians. At A.C.Coy, our project-specific candidates will more than meet your companies needs for IT tech support for your eCommerce Digital Transformation.


By their very nature of being forward-thinking, engineers will always find themselves at the helm of technology advancement. Including but not limited to the areas of CAD, mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, software, and beyond, our team provides highly-skilled personnel for any client looking to lead their industry in Digital Transformation. Whether you are searching for someone to provide network solutions for Cloud-based services or to enhance cybersecurity, A.C.Coy has only top-rated SMEs ready to assist with your company’s specific engineering needs.

Our Team is Ready to Help You Move Forward

When you partner with the A.C.Coy team, not only will you be given access to the top talent in their field, you will also partner with some of the best sales professionals and recruiters in the business. We utilize only the most future-thinking talent. Let us help you find the right fit for all of your Digital Transformation needs. 

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