Finance and Accounting – Staffing for Tax Season

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Finance and Accounting – Staffing for Tax Season

Tax season is stressful for many people but especially employers. There are always additional tasks needed to be completed and between now and April 15 the pressure is on. Many businesses bring on temporary employees for the tax time to help them cope with the added stresses of the season.  

Assess Your In-House Capability  

Before you make a decision about hiring a temporary employee for tax season, assess your in-house ability to perform the tasks without interrupting your workflow. Most of the time, the help of a trained professional is needed to ensure everything is done correctly. If you don’t have someone already on your team with the necessary skills, you’ll need to find someone who does to get through the first few months of the year.  

The skills needed to get through tax season may be beyond your current staff’s abilities as well. Think about what your organization requires to have a low-stress season. Do you need more seasoned tax professionals to handle paperwork and IRS communication? These are things you need to consider when looking at whether or not you need additional help through tax time.  

Here are some of the potential benefits of doing this for your company.  


Contract or temporary employees are a more cost-effective way to handle tax season too. Typically, these individuals do not receive benefits, so they are less costly than other full-time workers. You will also be able to use them for a set period of time. Once the job is done, they will no longer be an added expensive on payroll either. This is more effective for many organizations that do not require year-round tax and accounting help.  

Specialized Help  

Another great benefit of hiring temporary help for the season is that you can get specialized help. Tax professionals will have experience in IRS compliance and communication. They will also have the necessary experience in dealing with corporate taxes, trusts, and individual tax responsibilities. This will help ensure that you are dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s when dealing with your taxes.  

More Flexibility 

It is possible that the best benefit of hiring a temporary tax professional to add to your staff is the flexibility. A contract worker will be able o be flexible in the amount of time they work with your team. If you have corporate tax extensions, they will be able to continue to work with your business as long as you need them. Similarly, if you find you only need a small amount of assistance for the season, you can scale back the scope of work as much as you’d like. This additional flexibility allows you to really cater to your organization’s specific needs rather than hiring someone full-time. 

Before hiring anyone, full-time or temporary, be sure you thoroughly vet them and ask for examples of their work. You want to ensure they have the necessary skills to get the work you need help with doing. Staffing agencies can be a great resource for finding and vetting tax professionals for your company.      

A.C.Coy Can Help

With tax season upon us, let the staffing experts at A.C.Coy provide your company with the finance and accounting staff you need during this busy time. Contact us to see how we can assist your organization.