5 Reasons Why a Thorough Screening Process Can Lower Employee Turnover

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5 Reasons Why a Thorough Screening Process Can Lower Employee Turnover

There are numerous benefits of having a more thorough screening process. It can lower employee turnover rates, improve morale, and increase productivity. Here are a few great reasons you might consider improving your screening process.

Helps Verify Skills

When you have a thorough screening process, you can verify the skills of incoming candidates. One of the biggest issues when it comes to employee retention is hiring people who simply don’t have the skills necessary for the job. Utilizing a thorough screening process will allow you to verify their skills before bringing them on board.

In the end, this will keep both parties from being disappointed. Your new employee will feel useful and won’t be discouraged by their day-to-day work. They will feel more fulfilled overall. As an employer, you will be able to rest assured, knowing you hired the right person for the job.

Get a Full Picture View of Their Background

A thorough screening process also includes an in-depth background check. Candidates simply aren’t going to tell you everything you need or want to know about themselves. This is especially true if they are in dire need of a job. By performing a background check, you can verify that there hasn’t been anything serious or dangerous that has happened with the potential employee.

This process keeps you from being surprised down the road and can potentially protect you from loss as well. Not to mention, you can ensure the safety of your entire team by running background checks on everyone in the organization.

Set Realistic Expectations

The two benefits mentioned above will help you set realistic expectations for your new employees. One of the biggest factors contributing to employee turnover is unrealistic expectations in the workplace. For instance, if your new employee thinks they will be working the IT desk and winds up performing more administrative tasks, it will lead to disillusionment about their job and the company as a whole.

Sitting down to thoroughly screen the candidate and discuss the job will get rid of any misunderstandings. Be sure they are fully aware of the expectations of the job and limitations it may have as well.

Hire Employees Whose Needs You Can Meet

As an employer, you need to hire individuals who will be a good fit for your company all around. This means hiring employees whose needs are met by the position they fill and the company’s overall culture. If your candidate’s needs aren’t met by your organization, it can increase the risk of higher employee turnover.

This means you will need to pay close attention to what they bring to the table and ensure they are not over-qualified or under-qualified for the position. Both of these things can lead to your employee feeling frustrated and increase turnover rates.

Know Who You Are Hiring

All in all, having a thorough screening process will really give you an idea of who you are really hiring. You will have a good idea of what skills they bring to the table, what they are looking for in their career, and what their background looks like. Each of these factors will help you have a successful relationship with employees and reduce your overall turnover rate.

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