What Sets A.C.Coy Apart?

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What Sets A.C.Coy Apart?

Family owned and operated since 1986, the A.C.Coy Team specializes in connecting top tier talent to IT, engineering, sales, accounting, and finance companies. Check out the key differentiators that make A.C.Coy stand out among staffing firms.

You have a lot of choices when considering a staffing agency to supplement your recruiting efforts. The American Staffing Association says there are 20,000 agencies out there in more than 39,000 locations. How will you find the best staffing agency to fit your needs? What are the differentiators that truly set the best firms apart from the rest?

Using Staffing to Help Meet Your Business Goals

Finding the right HR recruiting team to provide workforce solutions is a difficult undertaking. You have so many firms clamoring for your business every day. After a while, all the sales pitches blend until you can’t tell one staffing firm from the other. But there are some key differentiators that you should consider:

Look for the niche players.

Staffing generalists are unlikely to know enough about your industry to represent you in front of candidates. Mediocre staffing firms are the ones that seem to staff in every industry. For them, it’s purely a game of numbers so they’re less likely to take time to understand their client’s needs, wants, and priorities, let alone the hard and soft skills of the candidates you seek. This is especially true in the technology fields. Does your recruiter even understand what your developers do all day? Do they know enough about engineering to speak to the most well-educated professionals in the field? If they don’t, you’ll lose the best candidates to your competitors.

Look for deep industry connections.

These connections come from decades of experience in the target market. They are built over time and hard, sometimes tedious networking efforts to build a proactive candidate funnel. Discard startup or companies with only a few years experience that lack the nuance necessary to finesse top talent in competitive markets.

Look for a firm that works to understand your business goals.

If you’re searching for a staffing firm to complement your existing HR efforts, they must take the time to get to know your company. You can hire a dozen firms tomorrow that will go out there and flail away, sending you candidates that lack the qualifications and the soft skills to fit your team. Do you really have that kind of time to waste? Look for the staffing firms that seek true collaboration with your strategies and goals.

These are just some of the differentiators that set A.C.Coy Company apart from the hundreds of staffing agencies that want your business. We’re located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but we’ve had a national presence in the IT, engineering, sales, accounting, and finance fields since 1986. While you may not know our name yet, you know the organizations we work for: Industry Weapon, A2U, Liberty Tire, Arcelec USA, and Arconic —to name a few.

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