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Payroll Solutions: Allowing our clients to focus on their business and have A.C.Coy take care of payroll management and all taxes associated with employment. For clients who refer candidates to us but don’t want to/can’t add the additional headcount.  We take on the payroll responsibilities and W2 them as an A.C.Coy employee until their assignment ends or the client decides to convert them to a full-time hire.

We’re living through some challenging times, and our clients are seeking answers to problems that are hampering their productivity and increasing their risk. The A.C.Coy Company has developed a new Payroll Solutions product that will help your company thrive even during the global pandemic. What is the A.C.Coy Payroll Solutions and how will it help your company during difficult times?

Payroll Solutions to Achieve Your Goals

Time is money. Payroll is one of the most time-consuming parts of the HR function, and that’s even with the right technology in place to streamline the process. Tax and compliance rules are ever-shifting, and it is time and labor-intensive to monitor your software to make sure everything is captured properly so that the rules are followed.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A.C.Coy Company specializes in making our client’s lives easier by providing faster time to hire. Our staffing service has been around since 1986 but we’ve never seen the kind of industry impact the COVID-19 virus is having on our clients. So, we’ve developed a new solution to take some of the risk out of IT, engineering, accounting, and finance hiring.

The A.C.Coy Company Payroll Solutions initiative seeks to keep your company focused on the business at hand while allowing our team to take care of payroll management and all of the taxes associated with that new hire. Our team understands the complexities of the staffing hiring process. The A.C.Coy Company Payroll Solutions business line seeks to outsource your staffing payroll management and all the tax complexities associate with staffing and employment. For clients that don’t want to add the additional headcount or hassle, we can take on their payroll responsibilities by taking them on as an A.C.Coy employee until their assignment ends or until you decide to convert them to a full-time hire.

Why Outsource Staffing Payroll to the A.C.Coy Company?

The future can feel uncertain these days, and the complexities of the modern hiring environment are an added burden for many companies. While you need the experienced and well-trained teams to do the job and prepare for future growth, you also spend an inordinate amount of staff time on today’s complex payroll processes for the temp to hire teams you leverage. There is a better way that lessens risk and improves HR productivity so they can focus beyond the myriad payroll tasks bogging them down and keep their eyes on strategic initiatives that will position you well for business long after COVID-19 is over.

Our service offers:

  • End-to-end payroll solutions for handling tax complexities that slow you down.
  • Cost savings by combining recruiting and staffing into one logical and effective outsourced labor pool.
  • Peace of mind to know our all-inclusive payroll solution will meet your business goals—and compliance rules.

You know our firm. We are industry leaders in IT, engineering, accounting, and finance staffing. We’ve launched our Payroll Solutions product to continue to help our clients succeed despite all of the challenges they may face today. Contact us for a free consultation. We’re standing by to help you succeed.