Quality First – 5 Ways a Staffing Firm Can Connect You to the Top Talent

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Quality First – 5 Ways a Staffing Firm Can Connect You to the Top Talent

The hiring process can be time-consuming. A staffing firm can help you cut through the clutter and connect your company with the best quality talent out there.  

There is risk associated with any partnership and there are multiple staffing agencies on the market today. Picking the right one can be difficult. Carefully weighing the pros and cons is a critical part of the process. If you choose well, your new staffing partner can connect you to a better quality of candidate and shorten your time to hire. Here are five ways the best staffing firms connect you to top talent. 

1. Access top industry expertise

The best staffing agencies have industry-specific knowledge that you don’t find in a generalist firm. Many times, this expertise exceeds what you’ll find in an HR department. HR teams wear many hats related to hiring, onboarding, and maintaining your company. The top staffing firms are laser-focused on finding their clients top-quality candidates. This singular, industry-specific focus sets the best staffing agencies apart from everyone else in the industry.  

2. Increase your network of candidates

Recruiters at top staffing agencies spend their time building a network of candidates. These professionals have larger pools of talent to choose from because they’ve been building these relationships for years. Top staffing agencies have a database filled with candidates that they’ve already identified as being strong employees in their field. If you hire a staffing agency, you have access to this candidate pool. 

3. Decrease time spent on search 

Staffing agencies free up your HR team to focus on other pressing issues, such as building culture with remote teams or improving the quality of your training curriculum. Outsourcing to a specialized staffing agency allows the rest of your team to interview all of the best candidates without spending time searching through all of the resumes and interviewing and disqualifying candidates. This will make your team more efficient and improve your time to hire ratio. 

 4. Reach passive candidates

Staffing firms focus strongly on passive candidates, particularly during times of low unemployment. This cadre of workers are the top candidates that would never send you a resume. Your HR team does not have time to build relationships with these high-quality candidates, but with a staffing agency in your corner you have a better opportunity to reach those that are just beginning to consider making a move.

 5. Speed up hiring

If you’ve been part of the hiring process, you understand how time-consuming it can be to review resumes, schedule, interview, check references, negotiate salaries, and all the other things that go into the hiring process. Now imagine that your hiring process consists of one thing: interviewing the top talent in the market place and picking the one you like best. Selecting a staffing agency partner means that your time is spent only on this final step in the process.  


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