Onboarding New Hires – How a Staffing Firm Can Help

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Onboarding New Hires – How a Staffing Firm Can Help

Onboarding a new hire takes time and money. Here are three ways you can make the process more efficient for you and more enjoyable for the new employee.  

Recruiting doesn’t and shouldn’t end with the hire. Successfully onboarding your new hires is about more than paper and processes. It should be a continuation of the relationships you forged during the recruiting process. How can a staffing firm help during this process? 

1. Onboarding Represents Your Culture

Your recruiting firm can and should embody your corporate culture in a way that is consistent with your overall brand. It’s an opportunity for your recruiting team to align the candidate’s expectations with that of the organization and provides an essential baseline for a happy employee. A staffing agency should be a partner in your efforts to not only find top talent but find the right employees that fit and promote your own cultural standards for the organization. 

2. Onboarding is an Introduction to Your Company

A strong onboarding program should provide training, set milestones, and offer mentoring to a new employee. If the recruiting firm has done its job well, that candidate/recruiter bond will serve as a kind of mentorship that will hold steady throughout the candidate’s tenure with your company. Critical to this process is that the recruiter understands more than the job description they’re hiring for, but also the overall corporate brand and the vision and values of the organization. After all, skills can be learned, but culture fit is everything to build a strong team. 

3. Onboarding Can Get a New Employee Off to a Good Start

The onboarding process is about policies and procedures as well as cultural expectations. Your staffing agency should be aware of these rules so that they can adequately represent them to candidates. This will help during the screening process; the more the staffing firm understands about your company and the team they’re hiring into, the better the quality of the candidate will be. Meet regularly with your staffing agency and answer their questions about the culture and values of the organization. Share stories about your organizational heroes that epitomize the standards of your teams. The staffing recruiter will take these stories and use them to mentor your new employees so that they have a much better sense of what the office environment will be when they come on board.  

We’ve found that the more mentorship our recruiters provider to the candidate-turned-employee, the better. To ensure a smooth transition from candidate to employee, our recruiters take the time to get to know your company inside and out. It makes them more effective at finding the right candidate, helps them be a better mentor to that candidate, and then, after hiring, helps you retain your employee longer. 

It’s a different approach but one that A.C.Coy has honed for decades. It’s what sets our company apart from all the other recruiting firms out there. The A.C.Coy team understands that onboarding actually begins during the candidate interview process. Each new hire develops a sense of your organization well before they walk on site. That’s why A.C.Coy begins representing your brand from the very first phone call we make to a prospective candidate. This approach has served us and our clients well over the years.

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