The Importance of Accuracy in Hiring New Talent

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The Importance of Accuracy in Hiring New Talent

Every HR manager understands the exorbitant costs of hiring the wrong candidate. One bad hire can destroy productivity and morale in a team. If you can accurately hire the right person on the first try, it can have the opposite effect of adding value, innovation, and motivation to your company. Here’s why accuracy in hiring is so important and how A.C.Coy can help you achieve these goals. 

Cost of a Bad Hire 

You have everything riding on hiring the right people. If you get it wrong, look at all the wasted time and money: 

  • Employee salary 
  • The amount of time it took to fill the job 
  • The hours spent reviewing resumes 
  • The hours spent interviewing 
  • The cost of advertising 
  • Lost productivity 
  • Stress felt by the internal team that needs help 
  • Investment in training and onboarding


Most HR managers recognize these costs, which average out to about 30% of the individual’s salary. But this figure doesn’t include the frustration felt by your existing staff as they struggle to carry the weight of that one missing team member. How can a staffing agency bring a more accurate candidate to the table so that you don’t experience the frustration and loss of a bad hire? 

The A.C.Coy Difference 

For decades, A.C.Coy has worked to perfect the art of hiring. We have a unique approach to recruiting that you will not find in other organizations. Our goal is to perfectly align each candidate to the job description and culture fit of your organization. Partnering with A.C.Coy means you’ll reach your hiring goals more quickly, whether the position is full-time, contingent, temporary, or contract-to-hire. 

Here’s why we’re different:  

  • Our experienced recruiters are industry-specific. We’ve spent years focusing on IT, sales, engineering, accounting and finance, and sales.  Our teams understand these fields, speak the language of candidates, and, as a result, can bring you a better quality of talent. 


  • Each A.C.Coy candidate undergoes three layers of internal screening. This ensures that when we send you a candidate, we believe them to be a perfect match for your organization. 


  • We only send the top three candidates through to our clients. Our recruiters do all the heavy lifting of sourcing and screening talent. It’s a rigorous process but one that has served us and our clients well over the years. 


  • Our pricing and fee structure is based on the overall candidate experience, skillset, and benefits. This ensures that you will receive top-quality candidates every time. 


  • We focus on building and maintaining relationships with candidates by maintaining constant communication with talent even after they’re placed. 


Why would you consider a generalist staffing firm when agencies like A.C.Coy have a more focused approach? This will not only lessen your time to hire and increase your candidate quality but also lower the risk that you end up with a bad hire that costs big bucks in the end.  

 A.C.Coy works with some of the biggest names in the industry. These leaders trust us to create value, save time, and cut the costs of recruiting and hiring. Our job is to lessen the risky business of hiring by bringing you only the top candidates available in the market today.  

 Find out why we’re different. Talk to A.C.Coy. We are the last staffing partner you will ever need.