How to Leverage Your Network to Find Top Talent

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How to Leverage Your Network to Find Top Talent

Just a few short months ago, companies simply couldn’t find talent. Everyone that wanted to work had at least one job so the hunt for skilled workers was extremely hard. That’s when the power of a good social network really comes in handy. It’s why so many companies turn to recruiting and staffing firms to find top talent. We’ve spent years building relationships with the best candidates so that, when you have a need, we can fill it fast. This blog will let you in on some of the secret networking sauce that these firms use to find top talent.

Talk to Hiring Managers About the Role

Hiring managers interview dozens of candidates every year. They are a great resource for those candidates that got away without being hired. This could be the candidate that took another position or where the committee was one shy of the vote count needed to bring them on. Perhaps the candidate was terrific but didn’t have the exact mix of skills for the role. However, they may be perfect for what you’re trying to fill right now.

Talk to Your Employees

If you haven’t instigated an employee referral management program, you should. Your current employees are actually the best resource for finding new employees. Current employees understand the corporate culture and what a candidate would need to do well within that environment. The candidates they refer have a higher chance of being spot-on for your organization. To sweeten the incentive to make the referral, many companies offer a bonus if the candidate is hired.

Reach Out to Former Employees

It’s likely you have a ready-made pool of workers that you’ve forgotten about. Former workers, assuming they left on good terms, are an untapped resource. These former workers may consider returning to the fold or they may suggest terrific candidates to fit the job req.

Advertise Creatively

Don’t discount the benefits of writing a good job advertisement. While an ad won’t find the best passive candidates, it does get the word out about the position. Use social media to promote the ad and make sure it’s on the careers page of your website. You can even promote the position in pay-per-click advertising to target specific hard-to-find skillsets online. You can use written content to highlight the position. For example, you could have your marketing team write a blog on Agile methodology if you’re looking for a Project Manager. Or, do a white paper on artificial intelligence if you’re trying to hire a developer. Then promote that content to build your brand within the candidate pool.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

Finding the right talent quickly requires a finger-on-the-pulse approach to specific markets and labor pools. That’s where a staffing firm like A.C.Coy can help your organization. Our robust networks are filled with the kind of top talent you’re seeking. If you’re looking to improve your time to hire, one call is all you need to make.

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