Secrets to Hiring Success

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Secrets to Hiring Success

Steve Jobs famously said, “The secret to my success is that we’ve gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” But to do this, you need to put your singular focus on finding the right people. If you’re in a high-growth company, this can be challenging. The strategic imperative of a company in growth mode is usually higher sales. This makes recruiting a sideline to your business. Yet you know deep down that a structured process for finding the right people, those “exceptional lengths” that Steve Jobs spoke about, is critical. How can you find the secret to hiring success?

Challenges to Your Hiring Success

In our experience, there are three main challenges to your hiring success:

Time is not on your side.

It takes a massive amount of time to source, recruit, interview, and hire. This time-consuming process can’t be skipped over if you want to find the kind of people that made Steve Jobs so successful.

There are dozens of recruiting channels out there.

This gives you potentially a huge number of resumes and candidates to screen. Knowing the right channel to find top candidates is important; otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time spinning your wheels.

Placing an ad isn’t enough.

Traditional hiring techniques just don’t work anymore. The best way to increase the odds you’ll find the perfect candidate is to use networking, referrals, and other techniques to recruit passive candidates. Then use a methodical pre-hire assessment process incorporating behavioral and cognitive assessments.

Companies must work hard to target and attract top talent.

Your job is to “sell” your company to candidates by using sophisticated analytics and marketing tools. It’s also a good idea to use a pre-hire assessment to help identify the high-level potential candidates.

More than anything, you need trained interviewers that know the best questions to ask. They need to be familiar with your culture and business goals so they can adequately share these details with candidates. If your company doesn’t have the kind of time to ensure a quality candidate search process, consider a firm like A.C.Coy to ensure the success of your hiring effort.

A.C.Coy believes there is a better way to hire your top talent. Our five-step process guarantees your success:

1. We leverage recruiting teams that have very specific industry experience with strong candidate networks.

2. Each candidate goes through three layers of screening to ensure they are the best fit before we send them to the hiring manager.

3. We narrow our recommendation to the top three candidates before presenting them to your team.

4. Our pricing is based on the candidate experience, skills, and overall benefits for your organization.

5. We maintain constant, consistent communication with candidates even after they are placed in the job.

When you partner with A.C.Coy you will reduce your time to hire and have more success finding top talent. Our partnerships with our clients have helped them be more successful in their efforts to hire top talent. Talk with our team to find out how we’re different—and how we can help.

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