The Good, Better, and Best Approach to Hiring

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The Good, Better, and Best Approach to Hiring

It doesn’t matter the industry; hiring is always a challenge. However, when you specialize in some of the most highly-skilled, highly educated fields like IT, engineering, accounting, and sales, finding top talent takes all of your top skills. In these fields, being good or better isn’t enough—you must apply your best-recruiting practices every single time. It’s the only way you’ll find top talent. But what’s the difference between good, better, and best?

Best Hiring Approaches for 2021

The bare minimum for hiring these days is to place an ad and collate the resumes in a database. But hiring takes much, much more these days. When unemployment is high, some fields have a plethora of candidates on the market. Then the challenge becomes sifting through all of the resumes you receive to find the right person, a laborious, time-consuming process. However, even if you receive a pile of resumes, are the best candidates really sending you theirs? Aren’t the best candidates the ones that are actually still gainfully employed, not even actively looking? Placing an ad alone will not get you to these candidates; a better approach to hiring is needed. A better approach would be to make connections on LinkedIn by researching people with the best features of your ideal candidate. The best approach has recruiters developing a list of ideal candidates and then nurturing proactive relationships with these individuals until they are ready to make a job jump.

If your recruiting team is only “good,” they will not gain traction in many of the candidate-driven markets we see out there today. This is especially true if you’re hiring into one of the fields A.C.Coy specializes in. The latest data shows there are hundreds of thousands of IT jobs going unfilled in the U.S. Engineering is also one of the hardest jobs to fill, with not enough graduates even available to keep up with demand. Accounting and finance remain in the top 10 of the most difficult jobs to fill. Then there are sales, which everyone complains is incredibly hard to fill.

While some companies are working hard to reskill their current workforce while shifting job descriptions and workflows, the reality is that there are just not enough high quality, experienced skilled workers out there in many fields.

So how is it that A.C.Coy is somehow able to come up with the best candidates year in and year out? The answer is that we employ nothing but the best techniques to find the best talent. It’s the effort that goes beyond maintaining a candidate database but instead seeks to build relationships with top talent over years of dedicated, steady effort. Flagging top talent in that database, setting regular touch base calls, and maintaining a long-term proactive effort to nurture these candidates is a best practice that very few staffing firms employ. We know from experience it is the only way to help our clients meet their goals, despite the difficult candidate hiring pool that many companies have to choose from.

If your staffing agency partner is only “good.” If your staffing firm is better than last month but your time to hire is still lagging, it’s time to consider partnering with the nation’s leading recruiting firm dedicated to four of the most challenging roles to fill. Our track record is built on our best effort for every client. We’d like to get to know your firm. Call on us and start the conversation.

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