From Temp to Permanent – Charting a Career Path

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From Temp to Permanent – Charting a Career Path

A staffing firm can be an essential career partner to help you go from a temporary worker to a permanent addition to a company.

Today’s unemployment numbers are high but there are jobs out there. Many of them are temporary or contract positions. These can be very beneficial if you’re trying to get into a good company, especially if the job is temp to hire. If you’re looking to step into a role and try it before going full-time, a staffing agency like A.C.Coy can help you chart a lucrative long-term career path. Here’s how we can help you get hired and get ahead.

Charting a Non-Traditional Career Path

A temp-to-perm job is a position that starts out temporary for a certain length of time but turns permanent over time. At a certain point during your contract, if the employer is happy with your performance, the role could turn into a full-time position.

Taking a temporary position is a good career move today

The markets have radically fluctuated, which means companies have experienced a seesaw effect of hiring and law-offs. In response, many have moved to hire temporary or contract workers that they can make permanent later on when the markets stabilize. It’s really the best way to get your foot in the door of a company today. Staffing agencies can be your best friend during this process because many jobs simply aren’t even advertised today.

Also, there is tremendous competition for jobs right now. There are many more candidates than open positions. Employers can afford to be pickier before hiring today. They can also afford to hire for temporary positions over permanent because more people are willing to take these positions simply to get off unemployment.

Companies work closely with recruiting firms to funnel candidates into their HR teams. The recruiting team handles finding candidates, interviewing and screening, and then firms like A.C.Coy send through their top three candidates to the client for each open position.

Working with a recruiter is your best bet for making it through to the final round. Some of the benefits of working with a recruiter to land a temp job include candid advice about your resume, interview techniques, and providing you with invaluable coaching to improve how you come across to an employer.

If you work closely with a recruiter, they become your best advocate with the company you’re targeting. It gives you an advantage over candidates who simply send resumes to a company. The recruiting firm in effect “pitches” you to the employer. The trick is to find the right recruiter to work with to get you hired.

A.C.Coy can help you find the right company.

We place candidates every week in temporary jobs, and many of these go on to become full-time employees. Temporary jobs give you the opportunity to determine if you would even like to work at that company in a full-time long-term position. It can give you valuable skills and, even more importantly, get you back to work. Since it’s always easier to find a new job when you have a job, talk with A.C.Coy today about the opportunities we have to get you placed in a good job today.

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