Career Spotlight: Desktop Systems Analyst

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Career Spotlight: Desktop Systems Analyst

Searching for a job as a desktop systems analyst can be overwhelming. You should be sure to highlight the skills most sought after in your resume and job application. Below you will find information about what the necessary skills are and how you might be able to find the right position for your needs.  

Education and Experience  

There are a number of hard and soft skills needed to land a desktop systems analyst position. First and foremost, many companies will require you to have a certain amount of education and experience. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is often a starting place for requirements for these jobs. If you’d like to advance further in the field, sometimes a master’s degree is necessary.  

Outside of education, there is often a set amount of experience needed for desktop system analysts. Of course, the potential employer will want you to have some previous experience as an analyst. Beyond that, they may also prefer someone who is well-versed in their specific field. For example, someone who is looking to get a job as an analyst for an insurance company should have knowledge of the insurance industry as a whole.  

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking 

If your education and experience align with what is typically needed of a desktop systems analyst, you will need a number of other skills to land the job. Most companies want to see that you have problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This is necessary to identify potential problems within a system and solutions to those issues. It can also help determine which solution will be the best to approach the situation at hand.  

Communication and Teamwork 

A good desktop systems analyst will also be able to display good communication and teamwork skills. Much of this will be tested in your communication during the application and interview process. You will need to show you have good verbal communication skills as well as excellent listening skills. Additionally, systems analysts typically need to work well with others. Their department will need to collaborate with others in the company to assist with problems and solutions.  

Analytical Skills  

Being an analyst means you need substantial analytical skills. For many positions, this entails the ability to be able to analyze large amounts of data at one time. You also need to be efficient and timely in your analysis. You will need to provide examples of how you have used these skills in previous positions or experiences in your job history.  


Similar to the necessary problem-solving skills you’ll need to be a desktop systems analyst, you will also need a certain level of creativity. Not only will it help you with problem-solving, but it will also help generate new ideas for systems when they are needed.  

Continued Education  

Another thing many employers look for is the desire to continue your education. In a tech field like this, things change fairly often. To be successful as a system analyst you will need to constantly be reading and updating your knowledge on the industry as things change. 

There are a number of opportunities available through A.C.Coy for desktop systems analysts. Contact us to see how we can help you land the job you’re looking for.