Onboarding Tips to Start Candidates on the Right Foot

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Onboarding Tips to Start Candidates on the Right Foot

Employee success starts with onboarding. How you interact with your new hire in their first day, week, and a couple of months will tell them all they need to know about your organization. It will also provide valuable information about how they fit into your company as a whole. Below are three steps for onboarding new employees to help get them started on the right foot.

Utilize Technology to Make the Transition Easier

Technology is a useful tool when it comes to successfully onboarding a new employee. Ideally, their onboarding should not start on their first day. Instead, begin the onboarding process right after they receive their offer letter. Get them started with a welcome email and access to information they will need on their first day. This email may include names and contact information for managers and other key employees.

Believe it or not, 70% of employees say having friends at work is crucial for them to feel happy in the workplace. So, introducing them to the team early on is a good idea. This can also help them know who to reach out to with questions. Beyond that, you may even consider having them fill out a short survey. This will give you a good idea of other employees in the company they may work well with. It will also help you, as an employer, get to know more about their expectations of the job. Be sure to follow up with your new employee and see how they are adjusting to the new position too.

Make a Good First Impression

When you send out your initial email with contacts, your new hire will hopefully attempt to familiarize themselves with your team. Be sure you include your current team’s strengths and their backgrounds as well. This will encourage collaboration between your new hire and current staff.

You should also set up a mentor for the new employee. Connect them with someone who has been with your company for a while. Provide the mentor with guidelines for following up with the new team member. Doing so will help them be more productive in their first weeks on your team. It may also be a good idea to set up a lunch with your new hire. Invite some of the team members and let them get to know one another on a more informal basis. All of this creates a nice picture of your company culture and how your team works together.

Find a Way to Integrate Them Into the Company Culture

Now that you’ve painted a fantastic picture of your company culture, make sure you actively integrate your new employee into it. Hosting a lunch with the team is a great way to lay a foundation for that. You may also consider setting up group team-building exercises during their first few weeks there. The more people in your organization who represent your company culture they are introduced to, the more they will already feel like part of the team. On top of that, helping them get to know the team will allow them to understand how they fit into the company.

Our staffing agency is here to help make your onboarding process smoother by managing and setting expectations for the candidates you hire. Contact A.C. Coy to see how our team of professionals can assist you.