Trust A.C.Coy With Your Background Checks

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Trust A.C.Coy With Your Background Checks

Background checks can be costly and time-consuming for employers. Beyond that, it is always possible to miss critical information if the process is anything less than completely thorough. Here are a few reasons why background checks are important and why you should trust professionals, like A.C. Coy, with assisting you in the process.

Increase the Quality of New Hires

First and foremost, running a background check on a potential candidate will help you increase the quality of your new hires. When you run a background check, you will uncover information that is not included on their resume or other employment paperwork. You will also be able to verify any educational background and certifications they claim they have. All of this will help you find new employees with a good track record and ensure the quality of each candidate.

Reduce Losses

If a potential employee’s background check comes back with information eluding to theft or other unsavory actions, it can help reduce loss to your company. You will likely not move forward with hiring the individual, given that information, which will save you money in possible litigation and other losses. Seeing their background check will give you a look at the potential threat they could pose to your business as a whole, and you can weigh whether or not it is a risk you want to take.

Keep Your Workplace Safe

Beyond just reducing losses and increasing the quality of new hires, performing a background check will help you keep your current staff safe. There have been several stories circulating about possible predators in the workplace. Taking a look at their background could have possibly prevented these individuals from being hired altogether. Performing a comprehensive background check can help you avoid that and keep your workplace safe.

Avoid Negligent Hiring Liability

When you search a potential employee’s background for red flags, it can help you avoid negligent hiring liability. Negligent hiring refers to what an employer “should have known” about an employee’s past before bringing them on board. When this information is not looked at, it can lead to potential claims against your company, especially if someone is injured. To avoid this, you must be consistent and perform an in-depth background check on every employee looking at for hire.

Decrease Risk of Negative Publicity

In addition to the above, a bad hire could damage your company’s image. Not only will your customers likely be affected by a bad hire, but other potential employees may not even apply because of your organization’s reputation. Maintaining your good reputation ultimately starts with who you allow on your team. Your employees represent your brand, and if you don’t make good hiring decisions, it will reflect badly on your company as a whole.

Background checks are an important part of the screening process and can help you, as an employer, fill in any gaps in the candidate’s resume or hiring materials. The professional team at A.C.Coy has processes in place to conduct thorough background screenings for every candidate. Contact us to see how we can assist you in vetting candidates before you make any hiring decisions.