This is What Sets A.C. Coy Apart From Other Staffing Firms

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This is What Sets A.C. Coy Apart From Other Staffing Firms

Hiring a staffing firm is a great idea if you are looking for industry-specific help in sourcing candidates for your company’s team. Similarly, if you are looking for a job, working with a company like this can help your chances of landing something in your field. Finding a firm that truly suits your needs can be challenging, though. Each one seems to offer many of the same services, but at the same time, each is unique.

You have an endless number of choices when it comes to choosing a staffing agency for your business. There are about 20,000 staffing agencies out there. A.C. Coy is one of those tens of thousands. Family-owned and operated since 1986, our agency truly has the experience you want to assist your organization. Specializing in Information Technology, engineering, sales, accounting, and finance, here are a few things that set A.C. Coy apart from other IT staffing firms.

A Tailored Approach

Our company helps companies and job seekers in Atlanta, GA; Davenport, IA; Columbus, OH; and Western Pennsylvania. As a staffing agency that serves four vastly different geographic regions in the United States, we know that each employer and industry looks different depending on where they are located. Each is an individual market with unique needs. Because of this, we strive to give each job seeker and business a tailored approach.

We do this by taking the time to meet with each employee and candidate to ensure our work is meeting your goals. Our team also has a plethora of experience identifying and achieving long-term and short-term staffing goals and needs. For instance, if you approach us for help to meet a project deadline, we will match you with a project-focused candidate. Whatever your needs may be, we can assist you.

Deep Industry Connections

Because A.C. Coy has decades of experience in specific markets, we have established deep industry connections. Our networking efforts within the IT sector and other industries we work with help us build a proactive candidate funnel catered to you.

That experience and network also put us in a position to find you the niche candidates you are looking for. We truly understand the industry, what the day-to-day life of someone in IT looks like, and how to identify top talent for the job at hand.

We Take Things Personally

A.C. Coy treats your hiring goals and business goals like our own. We want to help you succeed in whatever you are setting out to do. This is achieved by setting aside time to truly listen to your organization’s goals or career goals. Once we have that information, we make it our number one priority to help you reach them.

On the same note, any challenges you meet, we treat them as our own too. This means our team is equipped with problem-solvers who have seen just about everything in the industry. We take the time to get to know your company and integrate our services with your existing HR processes. This way, if you are met with a challenge, we know how to approach it.

More Than 100 Years of Experience

As mentioned above, A.C. Coy has been in business since 1986. Our team has 250 years of combined experience. This means we know each business, and each candidate needs to be treated uniquely from true experience. All of this helps us be more knowledgeable in how to best assist your company in the IT industry or whatever industry you may be in.

Whether you are looking for someone to fill in the gaps in your current team, searching for your next full-time worker, or thinking about your next big career move, A.C. Coy has something to offer you. Our combined experience, partnered with our passion for helping you reach your goals, help puts us in a position to assist you with your needs. We offer services focused on special industries, such as Information Technology, Engineering, Finance and Accounting, and Sales. Learn more about our specialized services by visiting our website.