Security Precautions When an Employee Quits

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Security Precautions When an Employee Quits

Dealing with an employee quitting is never an ideal situation. Tensions can be especially high if the employee in question has access to information that could harm your business. Employees working in information technology have access to sensitive information at times, so approaching their departure with care is important. Below are some security precautions you should take when an employee leaves your company.

Confidentiality Agreements

Does your company have confidentiality agreements in place? If not, it may be a good idea to ask senior members of your staff or the company’s legal team whether or not an agreement should be put in place. Be sure the document includes specific language that protects your technology information. For instance, you want to be sure the employee is bound by the agreement to refrain from sharing IP addresses, hardware and software configurations, and security holes outside the organization.

In many cases, this agreement may have been signed when the employee was brought on board. If this is the case, you or a human resources manager may want to remind the exiting employee of their contractual agreement.

Two-Week Notices

Some companies may not want to respect an employee’s two-week notice, especially if vital IT information is at stake. Consider whether or not you will want to honor their two-week notice. If you feel the employee may have negative feelings towards the company, it may be better to let them go immediately. Be sure to talk with your HR department to verify the policies for asking employees to leave before their notice is complete.

Remember Timing

If you decide to allow the employee to work their two-week notice, timing is important when you are preparing for their leave. Over the span of two weeks, it is a good idea to begin backing up your files. You should also change passwords locally and inform other departments to do the same. Doing things with the right timing and attitude will help you maintain a good working relationship with the departing employee, which can be important. You may need to call on them in the future if there is a software issue or assistance of some sort.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews can also be a good idea when someone is leaving your company. It can give you an idea as to why they are quitting. It could be that they have found a new job, or the reasons could be more personal. This can give you a way to get a feel for their attitude towards your organization and valuable information for retention purposes.

Perform Security Checks Before and After Departure

It is a good idea to have a database or spreadsheet of your inventory. This will give you a list of software, hardware, technical books, and other information to review surrounding the employee’s departure. You should review the items on the list before and after they leave to ensure all of the vital company information is kept intact.


If you are dealing with an employee leaving your company unexpectedly, A.C. Coy can help you find someone to fill the gaps in your staff. Contact us to see how we can assist you.