Recruiting Benefits of this New Remote World

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Recruiting Benefits of this New Remote World

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies shifted to virtual workspaces. This was a huge change for many organizations, but remote work can be a positive change. Here are some of the benefits of hiring remote workers for you to consider.

Access to More Talent

One of the top benefits of recruiting in the new remote world is having access to a wider talent pool. The location of your business no longer restricts you. Your employees can be located just about anywhere, meaning you have access to a higher number of people and, in some cases, improved talent. The flexibility of remote work draws attention from more potential applicants as well.

Reduces Overall Business Expenses

You’ll waste fewer resources and less time when you are working in a remote setting. Companies stand to save $10,000 or more on real estate costs alone when they hire remote workers. Additionally, it helps your team focus more, wasting less time on the clock.

It can help your employees save a dollar or two too. In commuting costs alone, each employee stands to save around $5,000. Not to mention, they won’t be eating out for lunch or encountering any other workplace-related costs. However, it is important to recognize the costs of remote working and internet, electricity, and other hidden costs as an employer. You should have a plan for reimbursing these expenses.

Increases Employee Retention

Another cost-saving aspect of remote work is the fact that it can help boost retention rates—many employees like skipping out on the commute and enjoy the flexibility remote working offers them. Around 95% of employers have said offering remote work has positively impacted retention rates, saving them money on recruiting and training.

Productivity Improves

In general, your remote team will be more productive than they ever were in the office. Some studies have found remote workers may even be 20 to 25% more effective than those in traditional work settings. This is because they are less distracted than they normally would be in the office. No coworkers are stopping by their desks, and no background noise to draw their attention away.

Remote workers are also allowed to focus on their strengths. Instead of worrying about working early and working within a traditional schedule, they can find a routine that works best for them, giving them a chance to thrive. On top of that, your employees will feel more valued and in control. Giving your employees the ability to work at their own pace and providing flexibility displays your trust in them. They can truly set themselves up for success on their own schedule.

Remote Working is Green

Companies trying to “go green” may also be delighted to find out that recruiting, hiring, and working in a remote world is better for the environment. Not only will employees not be driving to and from work, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, but they will use less electricity as well.


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