What You Can Do to Properly Train Your IT Employees in Cyber Security

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What You Can Do to Properly Train Your IT Employees in Cyber Security

Information technology has become an integral part of just about every organization. No matter what you are doing, technology plays a role in your day-to-day life. However, with IT work comes great responsibility. Each of your IT employees needs to be well-versed in cybersecurity to protect your company. Below are few ways you can help IT employees get trained in cybersecurity to better shield your organization.

Organize Regular Training Programs

When it comes to cybersecurity, regular training programs are never a bad idea. Technology is always changing. You can use these cybersecurity training events to educate your team on different aspects of IT security. It is a great way to make sure that all of your employees completely understand your policies and procedures. So, whether it is a new employee or someone who has been with your company for years, make it mandatory to attend these training programs.

Implement Strict Password Rules

Establish strict and direct password creation and management rules for your organization. Be sure that your entire staff is aware of the rules they need to adhere to. Provide guidelines for what constitutes a strong password and remind your employees to change their passwords on a regular basis. There should be established guidelines for storing and sharing passwords too. You should also ask them not to use the same password everywhere and to keep all of their work devices locked using passwords.

Educate Your Staff

Take the time to truly educate your staff on why cybersecurity is important and easy ways to keep your company safe. For instance, go over safe internet browsing with your employees. You should also set rules on what they can and cannot access while they are on their work devices. It is also worthwhile to educate your team about email safety. Many phishing attacks occur through email. Teach them what phishing typically looks like and educate them on the dangers of opening unknown files or downloading things via email.

Determine Removable Device Policies

Outside of password policies, you should have set rules for other cybersecurity aspects as well. For example, do you allow your team to use removable devices in the workplace, such as CDs and USB drives? Unsafe use of these devices can pose a serious IT security threat. Establish your rules for such devices in the workplace and, if you allow them, set strict guidelines on how they can be used.

Update Software Regularly

Last but certainly not least, you should update your software and perform scans on your company devices on a regular basis. This will help you identify any potential issues and remove any malware that is found within your system. It will also help keep your systems running to the best of their ability and block potential cyber threats.

Working with a staffing agency can help you onboard and train your new employees properly. Learn more about the services A.C. Coy offers and how we can assist your organization with its cybersecurity training.