How to Maintain Work-Life Balance When Working Fully Remote

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How to Maintain Work-Life Balance When Working Fully Remote

Remote work has increased in popularity over the past 10 years and even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic. While working from home may seem like a dream, some people struggle with finding a new balance between their jobs and home life. It poses a whole new set of challenges. Below are some ways you can maintain a proper work-life balance when working fully remote.

Look for Flexibility

Not all work-from-home jobs are flexible. Sometimes, the employer still expects you to maintain a nine-to-five work schedule. For many people, this hinders their work-life balance. Look for flexibility when you are searching for a remote position or discuss flexible options with your current employer. For instance, some jobs will allow you to work a four-day week or flexible schedule. Others will allow you to set your own hours. These things can help you achieve a better work-life balance.

Set a Schedule for Yourself

If your employer does not set your schedule, it is still a good idea to have one. Have a set time where you go into your workspace in your home. Set times for breaks and meals as well. Maintaining some kind of schedule will help you feel more focused while working and set clear boundaries for your personal time. It is a good idea to have a timer and get up every few hours too. Grab some water, go on a short walk, and get back to your desk. Doing this will help you feel more balanced.

Remove Distractions From Your Workspace

If you have a home office or simply just an area of your home where you typically work, remove any distractions from that space. Don’t work with your favorite TV shows on in the background or in an area where your kids might run through often. Find somewhere quiet in your home to set up your workspace and create an area where you can truly be productive. You might even consider creating a workday playlist to help you focus. Either way, having a set area free of distractions will get you in the mindset to do work. It will also help you visually and mentally separate your work from the rest of your life.

Make Time for Things You Enjoy

You may not feel as though you are doing as much work because you have cut the commute out of your day, but it is still important to set boundaries. As mentioned above, stick to a certain schedule for yourself and, more importantly, make time for things you enjoy. Carve out some time to spend time with your family, read, exercise, attend classes, or whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time. This will always help improve your work-life balance.

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