Struggling in Your Job Search? How to Stay Motivated When You Didn’t Get The Job

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Struggling in Your Job Search? How to Stay Motivated When You Didn’t Get The Job

Nothing about searching for a new job is easy. You have to polish your resume, decide what kind of job you are looking for, practice for interviews, network, among other things. When you leave an interview feeling good about how things went, it can be disheartening when you don’t get a callback. There are some ways to stay motivated in your job search when you didn’t get the job you were hoping to. Here are some suggestions.

Follow Up

Before you get too discouraged, be sure you are following up with the employers you interview with. Even though you have not heard back immediately, it could be that they are still fielding applications. Following up will put you back on their radar and increase your chances of getting a callback. Even if you don’t get good news, it will give you an idea of where you stand with the company.

Don’t Let It Define You

Try not to let your unemployment define you. It can be a trying time in anyone’s life, but you should remember that only you can define who you are. Your job, position, and career do not. Not to mention, staying positive will increase your likelihood of getting hired. Employers like to see individuals who are able to be upbeat, despite their current employment status.

Focus on Your Future

Dwelling on the past won’t get you anywhere. When you spend time thinking about what you could have done better in an interview or during an application process, you aren’t focused on moving forward. This mindset will help you get a new job much faster than thinking about any mistakes you may have made.

Have a Support System

If you are unemployed, it is a good idea to have a support system behind you. Talk to your friends and family. Don’t try to keep your unemployment a secret from others. Your support group will get through rough times and look for ways to help you.

Rebrand Yourself

Work on your resume and alter the skills, positions, and information you list to better suit your job search. If you are trying to make a career move that is a bit different than your previous jobs, try to showcase what skills can transfer from your previous experience. This will help you rebrand yourself and make it more likely you’ll get a callback.


Another great thing to do to stay motivated during your job search is networking. Not only will it put you on the radar in your respective career, but it will put you in touch with people who can talk to you about the industry. They can give you advice on looking for jobs and even help you tap into specific opportunities.

Utilize the Help of a Staffing Agency

Another great tool to help you stay motivated in your job search is utilizing the help of a staffing agency like A.C. Coy. You can talk with recruiters and get advice about your resume. They will also listen to your career goals and try to help you get placed in a position that helps you reach them. On top of that, you can also gain access to a wider variety of potential employers.

Best of all, you will only have to submit a single resume to the agency instead of having to apply to each separate job. Working with a staffing firm can help you get placed somewhere that really aligns with your career goals faster and keep you motivated.