Communication is Key: How a Lack of Proper Communication Can Lead to Losing Top Candidates

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Communication is Key: How a Lack of Proper Communication Can Lead to Losing Top Candidates

When it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, communication really is key. From the moment you make contact through the onboarding process, communication plays a critical role in keeping the attention of top candidates. Here are ways the lack of proper communication can make or break your hiring process.

Your Application Process is Difficult

Communication with a potential candidate starts with your application process. If the application is too complicated or not clear, it can cause the applicant to drop out of the process before they’ve really begun. So, make it easy for people to apply. Ensure that the application is available on mobile devices and provide them with an approximate timeframe on how long the process takes.

You can also program the application to autofill repetitive data, like contact information and previous employers. All of this shows the candidate you value the time they are taking to apply with your company.

Be More Responsive

Candidates are more likely to lose interest in your organization if they don’t hear from you in a timely manner. Implement a plan for following up and maintaining with candidates who you are interested in pursuing.

You might even consider using a customer relationship management software or, in this case, a candidate relationship management system. The CRM will provide automated communication to the candidate and reach out immediately, thanking them for their application. They will also update them on the status of their application.

Examine Your Interview Experience

Many candidates also lose interest in pursuing a job if they have poor experience during the interview process. It is important to train your hiring managers to help ensure candidates leave their interviews excited about the job. Go over behavioral questions, nonverbal communication, and effective ways to answer candidate questions.

You should also make an effort to provide the candidate with as much information as possible before their interview. Give them the names and titles of the individuals they will be meeting with. You should also include directions to the office and special instructions for parking (if there are any). It can also be a good idea to send an email shortly before the interview, building more excitement.

The Process is Drawn Out

Proper communication can streamline the hiring process. Top candidates are likely to have multiple offers within a 10-day period. So, ensuring that your communication and overall hiring process are straightforward is key to maintaining their interest. You can also utilize different technology to help manage communication so that there aren’t so many back-and-forth emails and calls about scheduling an interview.

Collect Candidate Feedback

Companies should also consider getting feedback from candidates who have been through the hiring process. This type of communication can help you identify ways you can improve your application, interview process, and onboarding. Ask them for honest feedback on their overall experience. You can do this by sending out a short survey after they’ve been through the process. Then, take the information you have gathered and pinpoint the areas you are doing well and places you can improve the candidate experience overall.

Working with a staffing agency can help you improve your communication with candidates. The agency will typically take care of communication throughout the hiring process, taking this important task off your plate. Learn how A.C. Coy’s team of professionals can assist you in finding top talent for your organization.