How A.C. Coy Can Help Companies Staff Up For the Holiday Season

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How A.C. Coy Can Help Companies Staff Up For the Holiday Season

Increased holiday sales, longer hours of operation, and other special events make it necessary for many companies to staff up for the holiday season. If your business relies on seasonal employees, working with a staffing agency can be a huge help. Here is how.

Be Ready for Staffing Changes

Many employees want to be able to take time off around the holidays. It is also a common time of year to have people leave their jobs with the new year just around the corner and increased family obligations. Working with a staffing agency like A.C. Coy can help you be prepared for changes like this. We can help you fill in the talent gaps in your staff if an employee takes leave or find new hires to fit your specific needs.

Get Ahead

If the holiday season is usually a busy time for your company, consider using a staffing agency to help you get ahead. You can start building a talent pool with seasonal workers early in the year. Once it’s time to bring your holiday workers on board, you will already have a candidate pool to dip into.

Skip the Paperwork

Utilizing the help of a staffing agency will allow you to skip out on a lot of the new employee paperwork. Typically, the agency will have the employee’s tax paperwork on file. They will also have run background checks, checked certifications, references, and other hiring materials. This helps speed up the hiring process greatly, which can be a good thing if you are in need of seasonal staff on short notice.

Get Quality Candidates

Staffing agencies also specialize in successfully placing quality candidates with various companies. We can help you identify your needs and find employees that fit those specific requirements. Knowing what kind of company culture you have and what exactly you are looking for will reduce your risk of a bad hire. Beyond that, it will also ensure you get the best candidate for the job at hand.

Save Time

Another way agencies like A.C. Coy can assist you in staffing up for the holidays is by saving you time. We are already tapped into a talent pool and won’t have to spend time sourcing brand new candidates. On top of that, we have already vetted each candidate and are ready to assist you with onboarding them. So, you can refocus your time on key core projects instead of seasonal staffing woes.

Increase Flexibility

As previously stated, many employees look to take some time off around the holidays. Working with a staffing agency can help you increase their flexibility to do so. At the same time, it also increases your flexibility to be able to roll with the changes as they come. You can address new staffing needs as they come along and better manage the stress levels around managing your staff’s workload around the holiday season.

Seasonal staffing doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn more about A.C. Coy and how we can help companies looking to fill positions during the holiday season.