How A.C. Coy Can Help You Reach Your Career Goals

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How A.C. Coy Can Help You Reach Your Career Goals

As a professional, you likely have a mental list of career goals you’d like to reach in mind. Maybe you want to expand your professional network, become a leader, or score a job in a new field altogether. Working with a staffing agency like A.C. Coy can help you reach those goals. Here’s how.

Expand Your Network

First and foremost, working with a staffing firm will help you expand your reach. Staffing agencies are already connected with various employers in your industry. When you partner with an agency, you are essentially gaining a connection to each of those employers. On top of that, you can gain information about what it takes to land jobs with some of the top companies in your field.

Offer Advice

Speaking of getting information, working with professional recruiters will also provide you with some valuable advice and insight. They can take a look at your resume and tell you what employers in your field are looking for. Additionally, they can provide you with advice about how to progress in your career, given your short and long-term goals.

Provide Focus

It can be easy to set lofty goals for your career and lose focus. Working with staffing professionals can help provide you with some focus in your career. For instance, if you want to become a project manager, there is certain experience, and knowledge employers look for. Recruiters can help place you in jobs that get you the skills and experience you need to eventually land the job as a project manager.

Industry Knowledge

Staffing agencies also have a wide range of industry knowledge. For the most part, each agency specializes in a specific industry. Firms that focus on IT jobs, for instance, will have additional information about tech careers and what it takes to be successful in the industry. As someone who wants their career to flourish, having this information can be extremely valuable. It is like gaining an inside look at the employers and what they are looking for.

Get Flexibility

If you are putting out feelers for what direction you might want to take your career, working with a staffing firm can provide you with some flexibility. Oftentimes, they work with companies to get them contract and part-time workers. If you take a temporary position, it can help you learn about what you would like or would not like to do in the workplace. It can also let you know what types of companies you don’t want to work for.

Changing Careers

Last but not least, working with a staffing agency can help set you up to change careers. As mentioned above, they can put you in temporary positions that will help you learn and identify what you want in your career. They can provide you with industry knowledge and direction within your job path to obtain your career goals.

A.C. Coy can help candidates reach their career goals. Contact us to learn more about how you can expand your career by partnering with a staffing company.