Employee Needs Are Changing! 4 Ways Your Business Should Adapt

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Employee Needs Are Changing! 4 Ways Your Business Should Adapt

Employee needs are always changing. Right now, work-life balance is important for many people, and the ability to have some flexibility is high on employees’ lists as well. As an employer, you have to consider how your business should adapt to meet the needs of your staff. Here are four things you should be doing right now.

Review Wages

The minimum wage is rising in many parts of the country. Take the time to review your staff’s wages and see where adjustments should be made. When was the last time you gave your employees a raise or performed a cost-of-living adjustment to your salaries? The economy is changing, and the financial needs of your employees have changed as well. Even if you are only able to give a modest bump in pay, it can help your employees feel appreciated.


Benefits are extremely important to employees too. If you can’t offer a pay increase, consider whether or not you can add anything to their benefits packages. Maybe you can tack on a few extra paid days off each year or offer more nontraditional perks such as counseling or financial services. Ask your employees what benefits they would like to see added to what the company is offering. This can help you address their needs directly.


Speaking of addressing your employees’ needs, most workers have expressed that they need some kind of flexibility in their schedule in order to return to the job. Employees simply don’t want to go into the office every day anymore. In fact, most people don’t even want to work a traditional 40-hour workweek anymore. Because of this, many won’t even consider working for an employer that doesn’t offer some sort of flexibility.

Flexibility may look different for each organization, depending on the employee’s needs and company requirements. You might offer an optional half-day for employees to take care of personal tasks. Some employers offer flexible schedules where their employees choose to come in earlier or later. This can be especially helpful for parents on the staff because they can set their schedule around their children. Other employers have offered a remote work hybrid option, which allows employees to work from home anywhere from part-time to full-time.

Prioritize Communication

Last but certainly not least, you need to prioritize communication. Now more than ever, employees want to be kept in the loop about what is going on. Establish channels for communication and utilize them to keep in touch with your staff. You should also send out clear communication when it comes to company policy. For instance, employees want clear and direct communication about remote work policies from their employers.

Your staffing needs may change alongside your employees’ needs. You may find you are in need of contract workers to help on certain projects or part-time help to alleviate your current staff. Working with an agency like A.C. Coy can help you address your hiring needs as they come along. Contact us to learn more about our services.