3 Reasons to Trust A.C. Coy for Staffing Solutions

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3 Reasons to Trust A.C. Coy for Staffing Solutions

Choosing the right staffing agency to work with is no small task. You have to consider a number of things, including industry specialty, staffing needs, and your budget. You also want to be sure the agency you are hiring has seasoned recruiters who will truly understand the needs of your organization. Thankfully, the professionals at A.C. Coy fit the bill. Here is why you should trust A.C. Coy for all your staffing solutions.

Clear Quality Process

We have a clearly defined quality process to ensure each employer is getting access to top candidates. Each person is screened by a professional recruiter with industry experience. In fact, there are three levels of internal screening before the candidate moves forward. Then, we present the top three candidates to you, the client.

This reduces the time you’d usually be spending flipping through resumes and narrows it down to three quality people. Once a candidate is chosen, pricing is decided based on the person’s experience, skills, and benefits. After they are placed in a position, we stay in touch to ensure the job is a good fit for everyone.

Industry-Specific Experience

Of course, A.C. Coy provides industry-specific experience in recruiting and hiring for various industries, including information technology, engineering, finance and accounting, and sales. This gives us the knowledge to understand what your company needs in terms of staffing to succeed. It means we are already in touch with candidates in the industry as well. We have already done all the marketing, know who is reliable and who will meet your expectations.

As an employer, this cuts down on the time you’ll spend recruiting, interviewing, vetting, and hiring new employees. Instead, we will tap into our already-existing network and find a few people who fit your needs. Then we will put you in touch with each of them for you to make the final decision. We can also provide you with feedback about who might be the best fit overall and why based on our established relationship with the individual.

Wide Talent Pool

That being said, we have spent a lot of time building our massive talent pool. Possibly the best reason to trust A.C. Coy for your staffing solutions is that we have access to a wide variety of candidates. In fact, we have more than 600,000 resumes on file for individuals interested in IT, engineering, finance, and more. You will gain the attention of high-quality candidates and improve the quality of newly hired employees.

Beyond that, we guarantee each placement we make. So, if you find the candidate isn’t a perfect fit for the job at hand, we will go back to the drawing board and find someone new at no cost to you. We do the footwork, so you don’t have to and, because we have a team of seasoned professionals, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Start talking with one of our recruiters today! Contact A.C. Coy to learn how we can help you with all of the above and more.