Struggling to Fill Contract Positions? Here’s How A.C. Coy Can Help!

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Struggling to Fill Contract Positions? Here’s How A.C. Coy Can Help!

Filling any position can be difficult. Contract positions pose their own unique challenges. You want to find a qualified candidate with the proper work experience and attitude. Doing so for a temporary position or contract job can take time you may not have. Here’s how staffing agencies like A.C. Coy can help you fill contract positions.

Established Network

First and foremost, staffing agencies have an already-established network of talent to tap into. Whether you are looking to fill a contract position or a full-time job, chances are, they are in contact with someone who meets your needs. Best of all, the network they have built is focused on specific industries. So, you’ll be receiving a contract worker that has relevant skills and experience with a good professional reputation.

Quick Placement

Another way working with A.C. Coy can help you is the time-to-hire rate. Generally, employers want to find someone to fill the position quickly. Working with an agency helps with that. This is because, as mentioned above, we already have an established talent pool to tap into. On top of that, our team of professional recruiters has decades of experience in helping companies like yours.


Of course, one of the best reasons to work with an agency like A.C. Coy is the flexibility you’ll be provided. We listen to your organization’s goals. Then we come up with a hiring plan to suit your specific needs. For instance, if you are looking for a contract worker to help with a project, we can find someone looking for a new project to work on. Similarly, if you are searching for a full-time salaried employee, we can tap into our talent pool and find someone that suits those needs. We can be flexible to meet exactly what you’re looking for.

Recruiters at A.C. Coy can help you meet other goals beyond just filling a position too. If you have certain diversity and inclusion goals you’d like to reach, we can help. We can also assist with regular training, onboarding, and other tasks to help your organization meet its hiring goals.

Reduce the Risk

Finding reliable contract workers can be a challenge. Working with A.C. Coy can help you reduce the risk of a new hire. Our recruiters have already interviewed and vetted each candidate. We can verify each worker is reliable and has the necessary experience to do the job being asked of them. Doing this yourself can take a lot of time, and it is easy to cut corners. Our agency won’t.

When you allow an agency to take care of things, it reduces your risk of a bad hire too. Hiring the wrong person can cost your business up to twice the role’s annual salary. Agencies like ours will stand by the candidates we place and offer a replacement if they turn out not to be a good fit. If you would like to learn more about how A.C. Coy can help you fill contract positions, contact us. Our recruiters are eager to assist you.