Know Your Worth: 5 Benefits Contract Workers Should Get From Their Employer or Staffing Firm

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Know Your Worth: 5 Benefits Contract Workers Should Get From Their Employer or Staffing Firm

Contract workers traditionally haven’t been offered the same benefits full-time staff members are given. However, times are changing. Contractors have more power than they have in the past and can make some requests when it comes to accepting a job. It is important to know what you are worth in terms of market value and what you have to offer. Whether you are working with an employer directly or a staffing firm, you should be getting these five benefits.

Will It Help Your Career?

First, you should talk with the employer or recruiter about potential career development opportunities. As a contract worker, you often have to pay for development out of pocket. If the employer or agency is willing to provide some additional training, learning opportunities, and chances for development, it can be a great additional perk when taking a job. Consider how you want to expand your career and what opportunities might be attractive to you.

Pay Rate

Know how much you deserve to get paid and discuss payment terms with your employer. Of course, you will want to know when you will be paid (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). You will also need to know how they intend to pay you and what your tax implications will be.

Most of the time, contractors are paid on 1099. This provides the worker with a little more cash upfront, but you are responsible for paying for healthcare benefits and taxes on your own. A W2 payment will impact your taxes and the amount you take home. When it is determined how you will be paid, you can adjust your pay rate so that you are making a livable wage.


Believe it or not, many contract workers are able to get benefits through employers and staffing firms. So, ask the company what options are available to you. While your benefits may not be paid for, you may be able to get company insurance, 401k, or paid time off. Ask about your options.

Job Security

Yes, contract workers can have some job security. You should get a clearly defined deadline if you are working on a project, or you should have a set date for your contract to end. As this date approaches, you can begin to field other opportunities or see if the employer has any additional work available. This can give you some sense of security because you have control over your employment.


You can have more control over other parts of your job as well. Flexibility is a huge benefit many employees are demanding from the companies they work for. Contractors should get some flexible options as well. Inquire with your agency or employer about remote work and flex work options that can help you achieve a better work-life balance.

A.C. Coy assists contract workers in finding work in various settings. When you are placed with A.C. Coy as a contractor, you will gain access to our benefits package. As long as you are working in a position our organization has connected you with, you will have those benefits. Contact us to learn more about what A.C. Coy has to offer contract workers and beyond.