New Year, New Candidates! What to Look For When Hiring in 2022

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New Year, New Candidates! What to Look For When Hiring in 2022

The new year brings new opportunities to search for fresh talent for your company. However, market trends and employee/employer needs change from year to year. As 2021 comes to a close, here’s what to look for when hiring in 2022.

Remote Work

Remote work is one of the biggest hiring trends going into 2022. Most candidates want their employer to offer some type of remote work option. This trend has been increasing over the last several years but will get even more attention in the coming 12 months.

The “new normal” will likely include distributed teams and remote employees. You’ll need to keep this in mind when hiring and decide what roles within your organization can be flexible in terms of remote availability. Additionally, you will need to take a look at your hiring strategy and adjust how it is set up to cater to telecommuting roles.

Hiring Delays

Another thing to look out for in 2022 when hiring is delays and even pauses. While there are plenty of industries fully embracing remote work and the new norm, others are putting hiring on hold altogether. Companies where there isn’t room in the budget for new hires or recruiting may delay or postpone adding new employees to the staff. However, a better way to deal with the shrinking economy is to scale your efforts down and try to meet your needs within the new budget.

Communication Tools

Thanks to technology, there are dozens of ways you can communicate with potential candidates and employees. Interviews can be taken virtually using video conferencing tools. You can also keep in touch with candidates and employees using virtual tools as well. Email is still the most used form of virtual communication, but other methods are becoming increasingly popular. For instance, many recruiters are using text messaging or instant messages to keep in contact with candidates.

Company Culture

Company culture is more important than ever before. Candidates are looking for a company they can be proud to work for. If the company culture doesn’t suit what the candidate is looking for, they are unlikely to pursue the position, even if it pays well. It is just as important to applicants as skills and experience.

They also want to work a job with a clear direction and purpose. When they know what the organization stands for and how they contribute to the bottom line, it boosts morale. It will also increase productivity and loyalty among your staff. So, when it comes time to recruit someone new, chances are you’ll already have a good reputation within the industry. Beyond that, your current staff will recommend open positions to their colleagues because they enjoy working with you so much.

Upskilling and Reskilling

There is a growing skills gap in many industries. This is due to the increased use of technology everywhere. To address this, many employers are taking the time to upskill and reskill their current staff rather than find new hires. Doing this also shows your staff that you are interested in the success of their careers.

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