4 Ways Upskilling Your Talent Can Fill Gaps

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4 Ways Upskilling Your Talent Can Fill Gaps

Upskilling and reskilling have become a common way for employers to address skills gaps over the last year. Because there are labor shortages, it is often hard to find the help you need for a project or long-term employment. By offering your current staff the chance to expand their knowledge, you fill your needs while promoting their career. Not only that but upskilling has a number of other benefits too.

Changes Are Happening Fast

The roles employees play at work are changing. Because of the rate that technology is advancing and the way we do things is changing, skills gaps on well-established teams have become evident. Many human resources departments are finding the skills gaps in their organizations are large but not impossible to address.

Upskilling your staff will help them up to date by helping them learn skills they need to help your business succeed through the future. It will also help add additional value to their job with you because you invest in their professional development. Building that type of loyalty with your employees will help you improve your retention rates too. So, instead of searching for talent to fill skills gaps, you can help your current employees excel in their careers.

Culture of Learning in the Workplace

When you upskill your staff, you promote a culture of learning in the workplace. This is beneficial because it will help your employees maintain their skills and build new skills that will assist your organization in the future. The challenge of learning something new will also help keep your staff engaged.

You can leave the timing up to your employees too. Provide them with a learning library and allow them to access it when they have time. This makes upskilling less stressful for your staff and allows them to choose what skills they develop. They’ll feel like they are moving forward in their careers while you get access to the skills needed to achieve your goals.

Adapting Becomes Easier

Upskilling your employees will make it easier for them to adapt to other changes as they come along. There is no way to predict the future, but keeping your staff’s skills updated will help you deal with the future once it arrives. Constant upskilling opportunities will make it easier for you to introduce new technology and other items as they become available too.

Save Time and Money

At the end of the day, upskilling your talent will always be cheaper and less time-consuming than recruiting and hiring someone new. Recruiting and hiring someone new takes a lot of time and can cost a full year’s salary for the position. On top of that, the cost of a bad hire can be truly crippling for a business. When you upskill a current staff member, you already know they are a good fit for the company.

The professionals at A.C. Coy can help you address skills gaps on your staff. Our team can help you decide if you need to hire new talent or if upskilling would be beneficial for your organization. We can help guide you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more.