How to Choose if Remote, Hybrid or In Person The Best Model for Your Company

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How to Choose if Remote, Hybrid or In Person The Best Model for Your Company

Companies have been making changes to the way they interact with employees over the last few years. Remote work has become commonplace, and more businesses are adopting hybrid work models. The same approach won’t work for every organization, though. Here are some tips to help you choose whether remote, hybrid, or in-person models work best for your company.

In-Person Work

Before jumping into remote and hybrid models, you need to address the case for working in person. Maybe your employees haven’t been as productive working from home, though studies show otherwise. In some cases, your business may have struggled to adapt to a predominantly remote work model. Your staff may even be excited about returning to the office.  If your company has struggled to collaborate from a remote setting, it is possible that a mostly-remote team is the best option for you.

All that being said, you should be prepared for some of your employees to want to continue to work remotely. Before you announce that your employees will be required to return to in-person work, get a feel for what your staff actually wants to do. Consider how you’ll address that or how you might negotiate terms with your staff to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Remote Workforce

That brings us to remote work models next. Big tech companies, like Twitter, have announced that their employees can work remotely forever. Other businesses are finding this work model to be beneficial as well.

Employees enjoy working from home. For many people, remote work gave them additional flexibility they never knew they wanted. They are able to be more productive and encounter less stress throughout the day when they aren’t forced to go into the office. Many workers have moved as a result of an increase in the availability of remote work too. In fact, they may have moved farther away from the office. So, allowing them to continue to work from a remote location will save you from having to recruit new hires. Additionally, it will keep you from spending more money on office equipment and renting space.

If your company moves forward with a predominantly remote work model, you will need to adjust your policies and workflows. Keeping the same approaches you used in the office won’t serve you in your virtual workspace.

A Hybrid Model

For many companies, a hybrid work model seemingly does best. Try to offer the opportunity to work at the office to those who want to and allow flexibility for employees who want to work from home. This approach is great for organizations that have some positions that need to be worked on-site. It can also be great for holding in-person meetings and having a physical office for clients to visit if needed.

For business owners hoping to implement a hybrid work model in their company, you will need to establish a hybrid policy that ensures everyone is integrated into the organization. This will help facilitate collaboration among your remote and in-person employees.

No matter what work model you choose for your company, the professionals at A.C. Coy can help you with staffing. Our recruiters will help you source quality candidates, schedule interviews, and even assist with onboarding. Contact us to learn more about our services.