How Our Quality Process Helps Us Find The Right Candidate for Your Company!

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How Our Quality Process Helps Us Find The Right Candidate for Your Company!

There are numerous perks to partnering with a staffing firm to discover new talent for your company. It often saves time and money. You will be more productive. And possibly the most important benefit: you will receive more quality candidates. This is because the agency has a step-by-step process of how they recruit, vet, and manage candidates. A.C. Coy’s quality process ensures that every placement fits like a glove; here’s how.

Our Recruiters Have Industry-Specific Experience

Every candidate that comes through our agency has been recruited and screened by our professional recruiters. The recruiters at A.C. Coy have decades of industry-specific experience that has helped us successfully place numerous professionals. Our specialties are information technology (IT), engineering, finance and accounting, and sales. With the knowledge each of our recruiters has gained by working within each of the industries over the years, we can identify candidates that are the right fit for your company.

Each Applicant Goes Through Internal Screening

When a recruiter comes across a candidate, they go through three levels of internal screening before meeting an employer. This allows us to ensure that each candidate who is offered to you is truly a good fit. We also want to make sure that the applicant is completely reliable before adding them to our network or yours. Normally, this would take a lot of time and a number of calls to check references. Instead, we do the work for you and use our experience to pinpoint the right candidate.

You Get a Choice Between Different Candidates

Our team doesn’t just pick a single candidate that may be a good fit. Rather, we find at least three individuals who seem like they have the potential to mesh into your company culture well. You can then perform your own interview process to see which, if any, you’d like to hire. If you aren’t pleased with any of the choices, our team will continue our search for potential candidates.

We Match Pricing Based on Your Needs

You will be able to specify your budget when discussing the job description. Our team will work to find a candidate within your price range with the skills you need. This helps ensure there are no misled expectations in terms of compensation. In some cases, payroll and benefits will be handled by our agency, saving you the hassle altogether. No matter what your budget or needs are, we can help.

We Maintain Communication With the Candidates

One of the biggest reasons top candidates turn down job offers is due to poor communication during the hiring process. When you work with A.C. Coy, we maintain communication with the candidates. The team will make initial contact to get to know each candidate. Then, once a position comes up, they will reach out to gauge interest. If interest is established, we will see if they are a good cultural fit and, hopefully, pass them off to you.

Working with a staffing agency like A.C. Coy can help you refine numerous areas of your hiring and workforce management processes. Contact us to learn more about our services.