5 Signs You Are Underemployed and How A.C. Coy Can Help You Overcome It

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5 Signs You Are Underemployed and How A.C. Coy Can Help You Overcome It

There are a few different levels of employment. Employed and unemployed are the two most commonly referred to. You can also be underemployed. This can be a little harder to identify, but you can overcome it.

Because it isn’t talked about much, many people don’t know what being underemployed means. Put simply, being underemployed means that you are employed under your capacity. This may refer to the hours you work or the skills you are using. Oftentimes, being underemployed means that you are underpaid or, at least, underwhelmed with your work.

You’re Making Less Than You Expected

Do a little bit of research on how much other people in similar roles earn in your area. If you aren’t making as much as they are, you may be underemployed. Do a little digging and if you find your wages are too low, approach your manager during your annual review or ask for a performance review. You might also consider pursuing the roles that are paying the rates you’re looking for. A.C. Coy can help find positions that meet your salary expectations.

You Are Too Qualified for the Job You’re Working

If the position you hold only requires a high school diploma and you have a master’s degree, you are likely underemployed. Much of that depends on how you feel about your job though. You can have a doctorate and prefer to make a living by grooming dogs. While the doctor would look underemployed on paper, they wouldn’t feel that way. So, check in with how you feel about your job. Even if you are overqualified, does the work make you happy? If not, it may be time to find something that better uses your experience.

You Aren’t Using All of Your Skills

Another key sign that you are underemployed is that you aren’t using all of your skills and experience. Maybe you spent years studying IT, and now you only provide simple computer support. You likely crave using some of your more advanced skills. By working with A.C. Coy, we can help you identify qualities in a job that will utilize each of your skills and keep you engaged.

You Find Yourself Bored on the Job

Everybody gets bored at work occasionally, but you shouldn’t be fighting boredom on a daily basis. If you feel this way, it is likely because you want a job that is more challenging or engaging. It is also a sign that your current job is no longer a good fit. Sometimes, all you need to do is come forward and ask your manager for additional responsibility. However, there may not be anywhere else for the role to go. In that case, it may be time to start finding a new position by working with an A.C. Coy recruiter.

You Feel You Aren’t Working Enough Hours

Some employees find themselves working multiple part-time jobs in order to meet their salary needs or desired time commitment. If that is the case for you, you’re likely underemployed. You can ask your employer for more hours, but they likely have policies in place prohibiting you from working too much overtime. Staffing firms like A.C. Coy can also help find you a position that meets your needs, whether it is a contract job or a full-time placement.

No matter where you are in your career, working with a staffing agency like A.C. Coy can help you. When you talk with a recruiter, they can help you come up with a plan to reach your professional goals. They’ll also help you identify when you are underemployed and assist you in filling in any gaps. Contact us to learn more about how our team can help you.