How Contract Positions Can Be Great Resume Builders and Get You The Experience You Need

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How Contract Positions Can Be Great Resume Builders and Get You The Experience You Need

Contract positions can provide you with a variety of different experiences to add to your CV. More than that, contract jobs can help you build upon your resume, hone in on skills, and discover a career you really enjoy. Here’s how contract positions can boost your resume and help you get the experience you need.

Keep Building Skills

When you take on a contract job, it allows you to continue expanding your skillset. During your contract term, you will learn about how the company operates. You may learn to use certain project management software or add to some of your technical skills. If you’ve been out of work for any period of time, picking up a contract job can help lead to other work while you brush up on your skills. Whatever the case may be, when you accept a contract gig, you are adding more experience to your CV.

Have More Flexibility

Another perk of a contract position is it offers some flexibility. So, if you are considering a career change, it gives you time to pursue other projects if you’d like to. Much of the time, the contract job is limited to a specified term. This is usually three, six, or 12 months. Once your contract is up, you can move on to something else if it isn’t a good fit. You can also approach the employer about other opportunities if you’ve enjoyed working there.

Discover Your True Calling

Because contract jobs only last a specific amount of time, you can decide whether or not you enjoy that line of work. You will also be able to make judgments regarding the employer, work culture, compensation, etc. If you find you aren’t fulfilled in the work, it may be time to move on to the next contract job. It gives you the ability to test out different positions and employers before making a longer-term commitment.

Connect With Larger Companies

You may have had your eye on a specific company in your industry. Many larger companies hire contract workers to fill temporary skills gaps or test out an employee before hiring them full-time. Most of the time, these employers go through staffing agencies to identify qualified candidates. So, working with a firm like A.C. Coy could help you learn about contract positions before they are made known to the public. This gives you a headstart on any other candidates interested in the job.

Build Your Network

Taking on contract jobs or projects will help you build your network too. For every project or contract you take on, you’ll meet new people and connect with different professionals. You never know when one of those connections might come in handy. Next time you are looking for work, they may be able to guide you or even refer you to an employer.

Staffing agencies like A.C. Coy partner with companies to place candidates in contract or contract-to-hire positions. If you are looking for contract work or want to pursue a new field by testing the waters in a temporary position, contact us to learn more about our placement services.