Is Your Hiring Process Too Slow? How to Be Thorough Yet Efficient

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Is Your Hiring Process Too Slow? How to Be Thorough Yet Efficient

A slow hiring process can hinder your organization’s progress. In fact, when you take your time hiring, you may be missing out on quality candidates that could help your organization reach its goals. That being said, there is plenty you can do to make your processes more efficient.

Focus on Each Candidate’s Experience

Candidate experience plays a huge role in your employer brand. That experience starts from the moment they open your application page through onboarding. The application and hiring process is the first chance each of them gets to interact with the company. So, it is important to ensure you are putting your best foot forward. Focus on creating the best possible experience for each candidate. Typically, this means ensuring the process is straightforward and quick.

Communication can help facilitate a faster-paced hiring process, which has a positive impact on the candidate’s overall experience. Have automated messaging set up for when you receive their hiring materials, and communicate on a regular basis. If you have decided not to move forward with a candidate, let them know as soon as possible.

Incorporate More Technology in the Process

Today, there are so many new pieces of technology available to help hiring managers and staffing agencies sort through candidates. These programs can use keywords to filter through applications and find candidates with the experience you’re looking for.

Beyond that, you can use automated messaging to reach out to candidates, follow up, schedule interviews, and complete onboarding tasks. Automating the process will help you hire candidates faster without giving up any quality.

Standardize the Process to Reduce Bias

Bias can slow down your hiring process tremendously. In general, people look for someone like them, someone they can relate to. This can impact the quality of candidates you receive,, and it can also slow things down.

To avoid hiring bias and slowing the process down even more, you should standardize the steps each applicant goes through. You should have everything planned out, from the application and skills assessment stage to interviewing and hiring. While a process like this takes some time to set up, your hiring process will speed up considerably.

Keep Hiring Materials Organized

Keep yourself and your candidates well-organized throughout the hiring process. Standardizing the process will help with keeping things organized. Technology can also lend a helping hand. However, without some kind of organization, things will come to a halt.

Work With A.C. Coy to Fine-Tune Your Hiring Process

Staffing agencies like ours can help you create a more efficient hiring process. Our team of recruiters will sit down and get to know everything about your organization. We will learn about your goals, company culture, and what kind of employees you are looking for. Then, we will tap into our talent pool to find a good candidate match. After that, we will send you a few top-quality candidates for consideration. All of this can be done in a matter of days, shortening the time-to-hire significantly. Contact A.C. Coy to learn more about how our team can assist you.