The Best Ways to Reach Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

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The Best Ways to Reach Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Anyone looking for a job has probably already heard that LinkedIn is the place to be. Recruiters, hiring managers, CEOs, and everyone in between can be found there. Making connections there and networking could possibly lead to your next job or even career move. Talking to someone you’ve never met may feel a bit awkward, though. So, what are the best ways to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn?

Try to Find a Way to Stand Out

Chances are, you aren’t the only one reaching out to the recruiter right now. So, how do you make your application stand out among the rest? It’s simple, really. Start your hiring materials out with a piece of information that will grab the attention of any recruiter. It could be information about industry trends and other knowledge. This displays a strong knowledge of the latest trends and news in the industry. It will make them want to hear more about what you know and how you fit with any clients they are working with or positions they are looking to fill.

Match Your Resume to the Job You Want

Another great way to grab the attention of a recruiter on LinkedIn is to match your resume to the skills and experience needed for the job. Go through the job post point by point and explain how your skills and experience will address their needs. Obviously, only use actual work history to add to your experience. However, catering your CV to the specific position you’re applying to is always a good practice. Then, when you reach out to the recruiter, mention some of the best skills you bring to the table.

Find Some Common Ground

One of the biggest benefits of performing some of your job searches on LinkedIn or other social media is that you get a face behind the company. You can actually get to know the recruiter the brand and research the company culture. Find parallels between the company goals and your own career objectives. Then explain how you and the company both have a lot to gain from them hiring you.

Leverage Your Common Connections

The whole idea behind LinkedIn is networking. Leverage some of your common connections to gain the attention of recruiters. Your mutual connections will serve as virtual references for the recruiter. They’ll also give you even more common ground to work on. The recruiter may even be an alumni from your university. Without LinkedIn, they wouldn’t know that until after interviewing you. Now, that connection can be used to your advantage.

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