Success Stories

Large Scale Contract to Hire Initiative

Challenge: Client won a major customer initiative project, which required approximately 25 new employees to support. A.C.Coy worked closely with the client to determine a very specific skills and cost matrix based on a contract-to-hire solution. A.C.Coy sourced, screened and presented over 70 professionals for contract positions within a six-week timeframe. Positions included software engineers, technical trainers, support engineers, graphic designers, business and database analysts. To assist in the assurance of highly qualified individuals, A.C.Coy utilized its customized technology suite testing.

Result: Client was able to engage twenty-five new consultants within two months of initial A.C.Coy contact. Furthermore, 90% of the consultants were offered and accepted full-time employment at the end of the initial contract period. Client was able to quickly respond to their customer’s demands in a cost-effective manner.