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How to Connect When Wearing a Mask

You have to make that extra effort to connect (interview or with your coworkers) when wearing a mask. Here are a few do’s/don’ts for forming a better connection.  How can you connect with people when a mask is covering your welcoming smile? Making eye contact alone may or may not

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Don’t Settle For Your Second-Choice Candidate

The math is simple: If you find the perfect candidate on your first try, you will cut the costs associated with time to hire. You will save on wasted training and the pain of hiring the wrong person. This saves time and increases the productivity of your hiring team. Why

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The Good, Better, and Best Approach to Hiring

It doesn’t matter the industry; hiring is always a challenge. However, when you specialize in some of the most highly-skilled, highly educated fields like IT, engineering, accounting, and sales, finding top talent takes all of your top skills. In these fields, being good or better isn’t enough—you must apply your

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From Temp to Permanent – Charting a Career Path

A staffing firm can be an essential career partner to help you go from a temporary worker to a permanent addition to a company. Today’s unemployment numbers are high but there are jobs out there. Many of them are temporary or contract positions. These can be very beneficial if you’re

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6 Benefits of Partnering With a Staffing Firm

Searching for a new hire is incredibly time-consuming. If you get it wrong, the cost of a bad hire can go beyond the monetary and into reputation damage to your customers. It can harm your existing employees and create a ripple of negativity that hampers productivity. That’s why companies turn

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