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Know Your Market: The Importance of Local Expertise When Hiring

You’ve heard the idea of “buy local,” perhaps during the holiday season. Most people are familiar with the term. But the idea of looking for a local resource is a good one. Buying locally produced food means your food is probably fresher and perhaps lower cost. Supporting local small businesses

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Soft Skills IT Job Seekers Should Highlight in Their Resume

Hard skills are the technologies you learn and the credentials you earn. But it’s the soft skills that IT job seekers need more of in the technology jobs of the future. Depending on the job title, you may need leadership or writing skills, patience, or the ability to present to

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What You Should Consider Before Offering an Employee a Raise

If you’re an employer, what should you consider when thinking about offering raises to your employees? How do you determine which employees should get raises? Who Gets the Raise? Objectively looking at each individual is an important first step toward your decision-making process. Start with a pay grid, which can

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How to Create a Candidate Profile

The team at A.C.Coy finds that creating a candidate profile is a more efficient way to find the perfect match for our clients. It’s a cost-effective way to improve the quality of the job candidate while ultimately reducing the time to hire. A candidate profile is a blueprint for finding

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A Triple Win For Your Business

The staffing industry has a bright outlook in 2021, particularly in those hard-to-fill jobs such as technology or engineering. While staffing firms saw a slight decline in overall business in 2020, staffing industry analysts project 12% industry growth next year. This means we’ll likely see an influx of new staffing

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What Leaders Often Forget When Leading

Employees are more than skillsets & resumes, beyond introvert/extrovert; your employees are personality. Having a balanced team of personality/culture is equally important. If you’re thinking ahead to the New Year you may have an idea of the employees in your organization that are ready to take the next step into

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